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School Details

School Initiative Information

Initiative Name: Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation (Center for Family, School, and Community Partnership)
Leadership Type: District led
Location Type: Urban
Address: 951 Walnut Street
Evansville, IN 47713 US
Phone: 812-435-8866


EVSC’s mission is to establish school sites as a place of community to support successful youth and family development. At EVSC, we consider each of our schools to be a “Community School.” We welcome and encourage families, businesses, community agencies and other groups to take part in giving children and families the best education possible. The EVSC is committed to the belief that meeting the needs of students takes a whole community. Families, schools, and members of the community must form partnerships to support students so that they can be successful. Together, they must identify and provide key services to students and their families in to help them overcome any barriers they are facing, which prevent students from being successful. The EVSC family, school, and community partnerships initiative is focused on building a foundation that will support healthy alliances. With Student achievement at its core, EVSC focuses on two primary goals: • Strengthen bonds between families and children with schools and community by establishing an infrastructure of support that allows and encourages schools and agencies to work together to support children and families in school communities. • The physical, mental and emotional health of the children and their families in the Evansville community will improve by providing access through schools to programs and services that promote health and well-being.

Services/Programs Offered

Inside the Center for Family, School, and Community Partnerships, EVSC works in partnerships with agencies to provide students and families with supports around the following:
·         Family Support Services
o   District Family Engagement Policy
o   Family Engagement Teams at each school
o   Social workers – to work with special populations and family needs
o   School supplies, uniforms and backpacks provided for students in need
o   Weekend Backpack food program
o   Family forums and workshops – education and awareness around issues such as cyber-bullying, autism, technology, and family engagement
o   Working with outside agencies to provide opportunities for mentoring and tutoring and to help create a Mentoring Team and a Tutoring Team to help sustain those partnerships.
o   Working with partners to help students prepare for college readiness
·         Student Support Services
o   Work permits
o   School transfers
o   School Records
o   Attendance issues
o   Court issues
o   Crisis Response Team
o   Community Resources
o   Working with the Social and Emotional Learning Team and outside agencies to provide opportunities for education, awareness and service around mental health
·         Afterschool and Summer Programs
o   Partnership with City of Evansville and the Department of Parks and Recreation Summer Program to provide opportunities for 800 students daily during the summer to have physical activities along with enrichment
o   Coordinate the EVSC/USDA summer breakfast and lunch program to provide of 60,000 meals during the summer
o   Partner with multiple agencies to provide 4,000 students an opportunity to attend afterschool programs for 30+ days
·         Extended Day Center Program
o   ED Centers are available in each elementary school providing parental support with a safe and affordable childcare option for students in grades K – 6 for before and after school care. Each site provides an opportunity for student enrichment, tutoring and service learning.
o   Provide 4 new sites for parents to have an opportunity for childcare during the summer time. 
·         Homeless Outreach
o   Provided support to students and their families who are in transition.  
o   Provided support for pregnant or parenting teens.
·         Health and Wellness
o   Work with partners to provide free immunizations and physicals for uninsured students.
o   Provide health screenings
o   Partner to provide dental care on school sites
o   Provided opportunities for students, families, and community members to receive medical services at 2 school based health clinics.
o   Provided education and awareness of asthma at a free week long camp for students with asthma
o   Working with partners to provide coordinated school health in 24 schools to promote lifelong health
o   Working with agencies and partners on issues within the school through the Nutrition and Physical Activities Team or the Asthma and Allergy Team
o   Family forums and workshops – to provide training, education, and awareness of new technology and health issues
·         Related Services
o   Provides parents the opportunity to be a part of the student education by providing options in testing and in making the Individualized Student Plans (ISP)
o   Working with partners to provide students with the tools to help them be successful in therapy and life.
§ Physical therapist
§ Occupational therapist
§ School Psychologist
§ Behavioral Consultants
·         Early Childhood Education
o   Collaborating with several coalitions and partners to provide school readiness for preschoolers
o   Created the Culver Family Learning Center to provide a space and opportunities for families to help prepare themselves and their children to become students
o   Provided a lending library and resource for parents
o   Worked with partners to create an Early Childhood Summit to inform area business of the importance of early childhood and how it will affect the upcoming generation.


School-Community Council –the School-Community Council (SCC) is the vehicle for outside agencies or companies to partner with or provide programs for schools, student and families. Most of the 80 agencies show their commitment to the community school strategy by providing support through programs or by being part of one the following SCC teams:
o   Social and Emotional Learning Team – helping with social, emotional, and behavioral issues outside of academics.
o   Nutrition and Physical Activities Team – providing guidance and awareness of critical health issues and providing support to students to make healthy lifelong decisions.
o   Asthma and Allergy Team – providing education and training on the number one attendance issue – asthma.
o   Communication Team – providing communication in a family friendly way to help connect families and students with their schools.
o   Evaluation team – review of data collected and how it should be presented to help drive the work of the SCC.
o   Leadership Advisory Council – to use the data provided by the Evaluation Team to decide the direction on issues.
o   Big Table – community networking to help agencies partner with each other to better leverage resources and to create an awareness of each other’s strengths.
o   Family Engagement Team, Mentoring Team, and Tutoring Team – are in the formation stages but each will be a vehicle for like-minded agencies to join with schools and staff to help sustain their work.
·         Some of the main partnerships within our district are:
o   Aurora/Destination Home
o   Big Brothers / Big Sisters
o   Boy Scouts
o   Boys and Girls Club
o   Carver Community Organization
o   City of Evansville
o   cMoe – Children’s Museum of Evansville
o   Deaconess Hospital
o   Diehl Evaluation and Consulting
o   ECHO – Evansville Community Health Center
o   ECDC – Evansville Childhood Development Coalition
o   ECLC – Evansville Christian Life Center
o   Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library
o   4 C’s of Southern Indiana, Inc.
o   Girl Scouts
o   HOLA – Hospitality and Outreach for Latin Americans
o   Indiana Department of Education
o   Ivy Tech Community College
o   Juvenile Court System
o   Lampion Center
o   Old National Bank
o   Public Education Foundation
o   Purdue Extension / 4H Services
o   SW Indiana Jr. Achievement
o   Southwester Behavioral Healthcare, Inc.
o   St. Mary’s Medical Center and Center for Children
o   Tri-State Food Bank
o   United Way of Southwestern Indiana
o   University of Evansville
o   University of Southern Indiana
o   Vanderburgh County Health Department
o   Welborn Baptist Foundation
o   Youth First, Inc.
o   YMCA
o   YWCA


By applying the community school strategy throughout the school district, EVSC has achieved several outcomes:
·         Met Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) in 2010 and 2011
·         In 2009-2010, 79.1 percent of graduates pursued post secondary education, a rate higher than the state average
·         In 2009-2010, expulsions dropped from 235 to 9; suspensions dropped from 5,287 to 5,000
·         A focus on Early Childhood development contributed to a 27.3 percent increase in the number of students meeting early literacy benchmarks.
·         In 2011, 49.4 percent of kindergarten students met DIBELS benchmark upon entering into school compared to 38.8 percent in the fall of 2006.
·         Students from the Culver Family Learning Center entered kindergarten with higher DIBELS scores than students who did not attend any early childhood program.
·         In 2011, the EVSC found higher grade point averages and fewer absences for 1,633 students who participated in 30+ days of afterschool and summer programs compared to students who did not attend programs.
·         The EVSC has experienced an increase in the number of students receiving mental health services (school social work and case management).
·         For students receiving school social work services, significant reductions in students’ behavioral concerns were observed by students, parents, and teachers.

Funding Sources

The EVSC Center for Family, School, and Community Partnerships has received over $40 million from many diverse local, state, federal, and private funders. Though we are always setting our goals with sustainability in mind, we also see our work as ever evolving. We are looking to use our past successes in fund raising to help us progress our work with mentoring, family engagement, health and wellness, etc. Current funding sources are:
·           City Parks and Recreation
·           Title I
·           SIG – Title I School Improvement Dollars
·           1003 G – School Improvement Dollars
·           Special Education
·           Title II – Professional Development
·           Title III – English as a Second Language
·           Title IV – Safe and Drug Free
·           Even Start
·           Center for Disease Control
·           21st Century Community Learning Centers
·           Carol M. White Physical Education Grant
·           Grant to Reduce Alcohol Abuse
·           Safe School / Healthy Students
·           McKinney Vento Homeless Grant
·           Full Service Community Schools
·           Mind in the Making Grant

Resources for the Field

Initiative Demographics


District wide Demographics
·         2011-2012 total number of students 22,798
·         2011-2012 free and reduced rate of 56.7%
·         2010-2011 graduation rate of 81.3%
o   Graduates receiving Core 40 diploma 37.4%
o   Graduates receiving Academic Honors diploma 28.3%
High Schools
·         5 traditional high schools
·         4 non-traditional high schools including:
o   The Virtual Academy - online studying
o   New High Tech – project based programs
o   Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center – hands on approach with technology and career based programs
o   Academy of Innovative Studies – for students to find success outside the traditional school setting
Middle Schools and Junior High
·         7 middle schools and junior high schools
o   Including a STEM academy and an International Prep academy
Elementary Schools
·         4 – kindergarten thru 8th grade schools
·         5 - kindergarten thru 6th grade schools
·         12 – kindergarten thru 5th grade schools
Early Childhood
·         1 – Culver Family Learning Center – dedicated to early childhood education and families
·         4 – Pre-k classes within elementary schools

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