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Your Leadership Role

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Leadership matters. In order for our youth to succeed academically and in life, we MUST engage all leaders. 

Leaders in our nation’s schools and communities are working together across the boundaries of education, government, and public, private and community-based agencies to create community schools.Leaders for community schools put development of students’ physical, social, emotional, moral and civic competencies, as well as academic achievement, high on their agenda. As education analyst Paul Barton reminds us, "We ignore family, community and the economy at our peril in education reform." Cross-boundary leaders understand that educating young people to high standards means connecting children and families to sources of opportunity and support in their own communities. It means welcoming the rich diversity in language, culture and outlook that changing student populations bring to schools, and refusing to evade the challenges posed by race, equity and poverty issues. (Source: Growing Community Schools: The Role of Cross-Boundary Leadership, Coalition for Community Schools, 2006.)

This section will enable various leaders access materials that will help them understand their role as a community school leader.  Click on the leadership role that you are interested in learning more about:

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