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Joy Dryfoos: In Memoriam

The Coalition for Community Schools honors the life of Joy Dryfoos, a tireless advocate for youth, their families, and their communities and a founder of the Coalition for Community Schools.  
The family requests that donations be made in Joy's memory to our partners at the Children's Aid Society at 105 E. 22nd Street. New York, NY 10010. You can also leave a personal message to Joy and her family in her signing her Rememberance book online.
The Boston Globe's obituary for Joy:
"Joy Dryfoos envisioned a school experience in which children would study more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. They also would learn to maintain good physical and mental health, and they would take part in school activities with their parents and families. That meant collaborating with universities, social service agencies, and health professionals. "The bottom line is, schools cannot do it alone," she wrote in 2006. "We cannot expect schools to solve all problems of families in crisis-ridden cities." Click here to read her full obituary (registration required).
The Carnegie Reporter, the monthly magazine from The Carnegie Foundation, published this profile on Joy Dryfoos – alongside profiles of other "transformative" figures.
Books by Joy

Martin J. Blank, Director for the Coalition for Community Schools and President of the Institute for Educational Leadership, wrote a blog in tribute to Joy. Read his piece here.

Coalition chairperson Ira Harkavy on Joy: "Joy Dryfoos was there at the creation of the current community schools movement. More than that, she, more than anyone else, created it through her writings, words, and actions."  Read the rest of Ira's tribute to Joy

Joy Dryfoos on Community Schools  

Special Tributes to Joy

"The Children’s Aid Society mourns the loss of our colleague, mentor and friend Joy Dryfoos.  She was an inspiration and champion for our community schools work, here in New York City, nationally and internationally.  Joy loved to visit our schools and to bring policymakers, funders and other leaders to see them "in action."  She challenged us to make our work better and she documented our efforts so that other could learn from them.  There is no one quite like Joy and we are grateful to have had her in our lives for these past two decades."
Children’s Aid Society
"My heart is so sad.  Joy really was the wind behind our sails in Evansville.  I will never forget seeing her article; calling her; her answering her own phone;  and that is the beginning of our story in Evansville." 
Dr. Cathlin Gray, Associate Superintendent for Family, School, and Community Partnerships
Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation
"Joy Dryfoos was a pioneer in the leading our country’s thinking towards educating the whole child – providing opportunities and supports for all students, but in particular those who were most vulnerable.  She knew that community members and educators alike, we need to address both the school and non-school factors that impact student achievement. The strategy she championed was community schools. Her leadership, passion, and commitment to the full service community school strategy has drawn the attention of many from the worlds of policy and practice. Joy’s legacy  will survive at the AFT in the community schools pillar of our Quality Education Agenda, as well as in the thousands of schools, communities, and families that have been and will be touched by her vision."
Randi Weingarten, President
American Federation of Teachers
"Joy Dryfoos was truly the Matriarch of the modern day Community Schools Movement. She mentored and nurtured us all, and she will be greatly missed."

Lisa Villarreal
Vice Chair, Coalition of Community Schools Steering Committee
Education Program Officer, San Francisco Foundation

Jane Quinn
Children's Aid Society

A Letter from U.S Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.)
Dear Mr. Dryfoos:
I write to express my sadness on the passing of your mother, Joy Dryfoos. I had the privilege of meeting Joy and of reading her work on community schools.
This is an issue very close to my heart, and it was the cause to which my wife, Judy, devoted herself for many years. The Judy Centers across Maryland named in her memory, which provide a full range of services to young children and their families, could not have come into being if it had not been for your mother’s research and influence on family support.
Frederick Douglass once said, "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." That is what Joy did throughout her life, and her legacy will surely be the many young lives she strengthened and the happiness of so many families for whom she was an ally and advocate. She will be greatly missed by all of us who have cherished her contribution to community schools and to the future of our country.
With heartfelt condolences, I am
Sincerely yours,

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