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Hartford Community Schools Evaluation: Final Report 2009-2011


The report provides a review of system-wide and school-level activities and outcomes, a timeline of activities at both levels, and a graphic of their leadership structure.
Despite systems-level changes including a new superintendent, reorganization in the mayor’s office, foundation strategic planning changes, and a mayoral election, Hartford Community Schools secured enough funding to maintain the initial five and expanded to two new schools in 2010-11.
At the site level, community schools continued to make progress including increased principal support, growth of partnerships, expansion of mental health and medical supports, and an increase in after and during the school day activities. Students are also accessing supports in greater numbers, such as afterschool programming, and those particular students are steadily demonstrating increases in achievement. Families and communities are also more involved with and participating in the community schools than in previous years.

You can access the report here.

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