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IEL Contributes to a New International Book


IEL Contributes a Chapter to a New International Book, Flip the System

August 24, 2015

External accountability, high-stakes testing, and focus on international rankings are dominating much of the global education reform conversations. So, what will it take to flip the system and empower those closest to the children and youth and to redesign an equity-driven approach to education? Flip the System: Changing Education from the Ground Up (Routledge, 2015) explores this very idea across four sections: a) accountability, privatization, and control; b) a new paradigm to flip the system (teacher agency, distributed leadership); c) a change to the system: collective autonomy (whole-systems approach); and d) supporting and activating teachers. Balancing researcher and practitioner voices, the book features international scholars like Pasi Sahlberg, Andy Hargreaves, Ann Lieberman, and Pak Tee Ng, as well as practitioners, including three Global Teacher Prize winners, Tom Bennett, Noah Zeichner, and Elisa Guerra.

Two IEL staff, Dr. Helen Janc Malone, Director of Institutional Advancement and National Director, Education Policy Fellowship Program, and Reuben Jacobson, Deputy Director, Coalition for Community Schools, penned a chapter, "Supporting and Empowering Teachers: The Role of School-Community Partnerships." In the chapter, Helen and Reuben examine partnerships as a strategy to support and empower teachers and to decrease barriers to student learning. The chapter discusses partnership typologies and addresses the role of positive school culture and climate, professional learning communities, and distributed leadership in the process of teaching and learning. The chapter offers evidence-based suggestions on how partnerships can facilitate vertical and horizontal systems alignment for collaboration, shared leadership, and partnership that put young people at the center of learning.

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