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Community Schools: An Essential Equity Strategy


Community Schools: An Essential Equity Strategy 


The Coalition for Community Schools has been developing ways to more deeply embed an equity focus in existing community schools and to drive community schools forward as an equity strategy. This framework articulates our beliefs and is plan of action towards an equity agenda for the community schools movement.

Please provide us with your feedback to help improve our equity strategy. Let us know:
  • What you are doing to help address inequities in your schools and communities? 
  • How we, as the community schools movement, can be more intentional and strategic in addressing inequities.

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 Equity at the 2016 National Forum



The Coalition is continuing to work on providing equity resources for the field. As the Coalition continues to collect resources in our monthly newsletters, we will compile these sets of resources here for advocates and initiative leaders to examine. 


                                Better Together: Monthly Equity Resources for Equity Practitioners:

Additional Equity Resources

Tools from the Field

Data Maps


  Examples of Community Schools Focusing on Addressing Inequities in their Communities


B.A.M. in nearly 40 Chicago schools, many of which are community schools where the organization is a lead partner and has a deep relationship with the school principal, teachers and other staff.

Oakland's Office African American Male Achievement (AAMA) works closely with District departments and schools to increase the achievement of our young men. in alignment with Full Service Community Schools effort.

The Pipeline+ program, started by the Netter Center for Community Partnerships, exposes  underrepresented populations to the health field with the hope that they will pursue a career in the  medical field. The program also allows health practitioners to learn from students about the  community, and how best to interact with patients. 

 While many schools take a well-deserved summer vacation as a time to regroup and rejuvenate, the  work of community schools is far from over. In fact, many community schools host summer learning  programs as an active combatant to the "summer slide," a tagline for a momentum shift in student  success that can take place during the summer. 


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