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Detroit Public Schools Announces 21 Schools to Serve as “12/7 Community Schools”


Detroit Public Schools announced that 21 schools will now remain open 12 hours a day, seven days-a-week. Similar to the Cincinnati Public Schools "Community Learning Centers" model recently praised in the New York Times, DPS has selected 21 school sites that will serve as neighborhood hubs by housing community-based programs and partnerships to provide a system of services to students, parents and community members during extended hours. The district aims to offer services 12 hours per day and seven days per week at the schools. The schools were selected based on existing community-wide programs already offered at the sites. From that pool of potential schools, educators and principals were required to complete training for the Community Schools model and submit a detailed proposal to the Office of Academics.
At each of the 21 schools, after-school and weekend programs will be gradually phased in depending on the needs of the community. Services will be developed based on what local schools and parents want and may include homework assistance, language programs, child care and elder care, literacy development, prenatal training, technology skills, financial literacy, and other professional services.
"Our intent is to merge the existing Parent Resource Center programs with the Community Schools program and grow them both in scope and in coverage to other schools," Martin said. "By growing our existing Parent Resource Centers and opening school sites as 12/7 neighborhood hubs, we are raising the standard to ensure student achievement and we are helping to revitalize our neighborhood", says Jack Martin, DPS Emergency Manager.
The district has plans to engage Coalition partner and technical assistant provider, the National Center for Community Schools, to work with its schools for first-year assistance in fully implementing the program.

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