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Delaware Community Schools Expand Health Resources


In Wilmington, Delaware, residents understand that good neighborhoods are often built around vibrant, successful schools.  Children and Families First , a recipient of the federal Full Service Community Schools grant, has started three community schools in Wilmington, DE. They are working in partnership with the school district, government, and community groups to increase family engagement and bring services to students and families. Currently, the program is working on expanding health resources and opening a new school based health clinic.

Currently, the program is working on expanding health resources and opening a new school based health clinic.  The new clinic will be open to students, families, and the community,  providing services to the insured and uninsured. The clinic will also provide health education classes on and chronic disease management, such as diabetes.

Joanne Gaitwood, a member of the Eastside Blueprint Group which is organizing a grass-roots effort to rebuild and revitalize the area, believes the work at these community schools is important because successful schools are often the center of strong neighborhoods.

Family engagement is a key component of Wilmington’s community schools strategy. Each school has a parent room that is open during regular school hours. Parents can come and interact with other parents and use computers for job searches or writing resumes. Parents are also offered many opportunities to volunteer at the schools. Read the full article here. 

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