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A Community School is a public school - the hub of its neighborhood, uniting families, educators and community partners to provide all students with top-quality academics, enrichment, health and social services, and opportunities to succeed in school and in life.
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The Rand Corporation's new Impact Study provides evidence that Community Schools are effective in increasing graduation rates and student achievement, and in reduce chronic adsenteeism and siciplinary incidents. For more information, click here

It is a proven fact that Community Schools count!  Be Supportive… Be Engaged… Be Counted…

Support the Coalition for Community Schools’ census to count the number of Community Schools nationwide. 

Community Schools provide an equity-driven, researched-based strategy for uniting, schools, families and communities for young people’s success. As an ecosystem of national, state and

local cross-sector leaders, the Coalition for Community Schools has supported the growth and development of Community Schools since 1998.   

Stimulated by the Coalition, there has been an insurgence of proof, through research and growth activity in the field, that Community Schools have positive impact. There are now approximately 5,000 reported Community Schools across the country, with growing demand in rural, suburban, and urban communities and emerging international interest. With nearly 100,000

public schools, the Coalition has set an ambitious goal of 25,000 Community Schools by 2025 that will reach over 10,000,000 children and youth.   

We are proud to launch this census effort, which has been informed extensively by input and feedback from Community Schools coordinators, network leaders and others. Through partnership, we will all continue to lead the way as advocates and supporters of Community Schools. Participation in this census marks the beginning of the journey for the field to collectively meet this goal.  The long-term vision is to galvanize a critical mass of public schools that are creating the conditions, capacities, cultures and policies necessary for everyone to succeed.   

  As leaders in the field, we are requesting for you to coordinate the effort in your community to respond to the brief census survey found in the link below. 

The process is straight-forward and takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. We ask that you please do the following: 

·        Complete one survey per school 

·        Ensure school-level site coordinators complete the survey for their respective schools 


Thank you in advance for your contributions to this effort and your continued partnership and support for the growth of the Community Schools movement. 

Once you complete your survey, tweet about your enthusiasm about the growth of Community Schools using #25K by 2025. 

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