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Community Schools Use Early Warning Systems to Build a 'Grad Nation'

The Alliance for Excellent Education, Civic Enterprises, Data Quality Campaign, and Everyone Graduates Center sponsored a Nov. 9 webinar on its new report titled On Track for Success: The Use of Early Warning Indicator and Intervention Systems to Build a Grad Nation.

The report chronicles the use of early-warning indicators and interventions to promote higher graduation rates. It praises the significantly decreasing number of "dropout factories", or high schools that graduate less than 60 percent of its students, signaling the schools are making progress in reversing the trend. However, graduation rates for American students are still alarmingly low, according to the report.  
The report’s publishers conducted an online talk show to delve into the issue further. In a question about what to do about students when you using data to deploy the most effective interventions for students with limited resources, Bob Balfanz, director of the Everyone Graduates Center at Johns Hopkins University and the report’s author, points to national nonprofits such as Communities in Schools model and the Children’s Aid Society model as useful tools for addressing the indicators for intervention.     
"The nonprofit sector has really upped its game in the past decade. They’ve really developed the ability to project evidence based interventions in the schools . . . and have learned to work better with schools and not just as co-locators," Balfanz said. "They can often bring capacity and funding streams."

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