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Community Schools – A Key Piece of AFT’s Plan for Quality Education


The American Federation of Teachers, strong supporter of community schools and a Coalition partner, released their Quality Education Agenda which calls for classrooms across the nation to be prepared, organized, and supported so that they can provide students with adequate knowledge and skills to succeed in life and careers. Randi Weingarten, AFT President, says "Everything should be on the table, provided it is good for kids and fair to teachers".

The community school strategy is core to AFT’s Education Agenda which focuses on what students need to succeed and what their teachers need to facilitate success. The AFT strongly believes that community schools serve as the hub of the neighborhood and that they provide resources for students which promote engaged learning and community involvement.

The Education Agenda notes that "the most direct and effective solution is to provide accessible services right in the school. Schools can coordinate with local providers such as medical providers, Boys and Girls Clubs, and other local nonprofits, to provide services where families can readily access them. The community schools model has proven successful in a number of school systems, and it should be replicated more widely".

Click here to read full Agenda.

Also don't miss Randi’s back to school message highlighting community partnerships!

Community Schools – A Key Piece of AFT’s Plan for Quality Education
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