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Children's Aid Society Moving Community Schools Forward in New York City

Children’s Aid Society Wins i3 Grant
The Coalition congratulates the Children’s Aid Society as one of the development grant winners for the Investing in Innovation (i3) grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The Children’s Aid Society will use this grant to create a Parent Leadership Institute. As explained in CAS’ project summary, "CAS proposes to bring the full set of parent engagement strategies piloted in one highly distressed NYC community (Washington Heights) to another, that of the South Bronx, to verify whether inschool parent resource centers – with parent coordinators trained in utilizing a specific set of parent communication, outreach, and organizing strategies, and adult education classes and leadership institutes – lead to increases in student achievement. CAS shares this award with 24 other districts and their nonprofit partners that are splitting a share of the $135 million. Read a summary article of the grantees here and read CAS’ full proposal here.

Childre’s Aid Society Participates in New York’s Talking Transitions

Talking Transitions is pioneering the first open transition in New York City that will be open all day from November 9 to 23. It is a citywide effort to highlight and discuss innovative ideas and recommendations for the next Administration. As New York prepares transition to a new mayor, The Children’s Aid Society (CAS) will be taking part in a pioneering public dialogue called "Talking Transition." CAS has put together a vibrant panel to discuss the impact of community schools among New York’s students, families and communities.

Get involved on Twitter and other social media: #TalkingTransition.

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