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Action Alert: Reach out to your Senators and Congresspersons to Protect the Multiple programs that Support Community Schools

Reach out to your Senators and Congresspersons to Protect the
Multiple programs that Support Community Schools

President Trump's proposed budget for FY 2018 eliminates or severely cuts many programs that support youth and families and community schools. We must stand together against these cuts.Take action here 

Of particular concern to us is the proposed elimination of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers program, which at $1.1 billion provides core funding for after-school programs and community schools. The Full-Service Community Schools program at $10 million is also at-risk, as is Promise Neighborhoods and Title IV Part A, the new program in ESSA authorized at $1.6 billion that can be used to implement community schools.

Several other programs inside and outside the Department of Education are proposed for elimination, including:

  • Title II-A ($2.1 billion) which provides professional development for educators
  • Corporation for National Service that funds Americorps programs, a majority of which are located in schools ($1 billion)
  • the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), which supports housing, community facilities, economic development, and social service projects, mainly for low- and moderate-income residents ($3 billion); and
  • the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG), which provides anti-poverty services through local non-profit and public agencies ($714 million).

 Taken together, these proposed cuts would be devastating for youth, families and communities who access these programs and supports and that are shown to be effective. We need to tell Congress that this budget is absolutely unacceptable. And we need to protect these programs for the remainder of FY 2017 with the vote Congress will take by April 28 on the final FY 2017 budget.

We are partnering with the Afterschool Alliance on their outreach platform. Take action here to call on Congress to maintain or increase funding for these programs to ensure our young people and their families and communities can continue to learn and thrive.

We encourage you to take a step further and take other actions to reinforce the message:

1)      Call your Senators and Congressperson and urge them not to cut these programs

2)      Join with other advocates for youth and families in your community and state and advocate to your members of Congress together

3)      Visit the district offices of your members of Congress to share this message in-person (or call them)

4)      To advocate more for 21st Century Community Learning Centers, follow the Afterschool Alliance and share their messages

hank you un advance for taking a stand for the youth and families in your community and for community schools. 

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