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Community Schools Across the Nation

Community Schools continue to take root and expand in communities all across the country. The following local community school networks are featured as rising stars in the community school movement for their sustained commitment to strengthening schools, families and communities so that children and youth succeed. The Coalition encourages other community school local networks to let us know about developments that are happening to strengthen schools, families and communities in your area! Please email with any news or information you would like to share!!



Arlington, VA -  Carlin Springs Elementary School
Carlin Springs Elementary School has had a significant impact on their students, families, and community. Students have improved their standardized math and reading scores and are attending school more regularly. Critical to these achievements is strong parent engagement. Carlin Springs is committed not only to seeing their students succeed, but making sure that their families and community are engaged.

Baltimore, MD - Baltimore City Community Schools Initiative
Baltimore has invested more than $3.75 million in community school coordination and millions more on the programs and services that will locate in them. Programs and services address youth development, health and mental health, family support, workforce and community development. Currently there are 17 community schools in Baltimore.

Berkeley, CA
Berkeley 2020: The Berkeley City Council joined Berkeley Unified School District (BUSD) and United in Action (a community-based multi-ethnic coalition) in a campaign to combat the achievement gap by unanimously adopting a resolution that establishes the 2020 Vision for Berkeley’s Children and Youth. By approving the 2020 Vision for Berkeley’s Children and Youth resolution both the City of Berkeley and BUSD commit to working with the community to develop and implement plans and models for internal and cross-jurisdictional collaboration to remove barriers to learning and to promote healthy development for all Berkeley’s children and youth.

Boston, MA – Full-Service Schools Roundtable 
The Full-service Schools Roundtable is working to advance the healthy development and academic success of students through integrated school-community partnerships. Building on the work of several successful initiatives, the Roundtable is working to bring the full-service school model to scale in Boston and throughout Massachusetts.

Buffalo, NY – Closing the Gap (CTG)
A Federal Full-Service Community School Grantee, CTG is an United Way of Buffalo and Erie County Education Platform initiative that is a school-based partnership of education, human and community services that promotes resiliency, helps students to succeed academically, and provides necessary family supports using a fully integrated service model. It ensures consistent performance among partners- measuring outcomes of services against indicators of student achievement embraced by the Buffalo Public School District and co-facilitates District initiatives such as Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS).

Brooklyn Center, MN- Brooklyn Center Schools
In 2009, Brooklyn Center School District’s school board demonstrated their support of community schools, by issuing a policy to this strategy. Superintendent Keith Lester’s district became the first full service community schools district in Minnesota. By pulling together community partners, Brooklyn Center Community Schools strive to support the academic, social, and emotional development of students and families. The district empowers them to become caring and responsible citizens at home and in the world.

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Chicago, IL - Chicago Public Schools Community Schools Initiative
With over 150, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is home to the largest community schools initiative in the nation. To date, these schools have formed over 400 partnerships with non-profit organizations across the city. Not only are students attending their traditional classes at these schools, but parents are receiving job training courses, families are able to access medical and dental care on site and children have the option to take music and art lessons.

Cincinnati, OH - Cincinnati Public Schools Community Learning Centers
Cincinnati Public Schools is creating campuses that strengthen this link between schools and communities. These schools, known as Community Learning Centers (CLC), act as hubs for community services, providing access for students and families to health, safety and social services, as well as recreational, educational and cultural opportunities. CPS is garnering national recognition (see pages 37-44) for its work to create these Community Learning Centers district-wide, not just in isolated neighborhoods. The goal of Community Learning Centers is to support student achievement, revitalize neighborhoods and maximize the community's return on their financial investment.

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Dayton, OH - Fitz Center for Leadership in Community, University of Dayton
With the end of court-ordered busing and the opportunity to rebuild public schools, Dayton Public Schools are returning to neighborhood schools. To demonstrate the full potential of schools as the centers of their communities, a coalition of Dayton public and private partners conceptualized and supported four Dayton elementary schools as pilot "centers" of the redevelopment of their neighborhoods. These Neighborhood School Centers (NSCs) will demonstrate during a three-year test period what is required for schools to serve as community centers.

Evansville, IN  - Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation
The Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation decided to "grow" the successful local Cedar Hall Elementary School full-service school model into other district schools. The goal was to create "collaboration" between schools and community organizations to maximize community resources. Over 70 community agencies now sit at the table. They are working together to find creative ways to support children and families in the community at the school site. 

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Grand Rapids, MI  - Kent School Services Network (KKSN)
KSSN brings health and human services into the school building to serve students and families. KSSN was created in a broad, community-wide partnership that includes local foundations, service providers, the schools and the county. Currently, the Network is a three-year pilot program in eight local schools.

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Hartford, CT - Hartford Community Schools
The Hartford Foundation has committed $3.1 million over three years in support of a public-private partnership to help develop "community schools" in Hartford. members of the Hartford Community-School Partnership, which launched in July, 2008, are the Hartford Public Schools, the City of Hartford Mayor’s Office (including Hartford Office for Young Children and Office for Youth Services), and the United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut. The partnership is an outgrowth of a plan developed by Superintendent Steven Adamowski to create a new system of high quality, high performing schools to close the urban-suburban achievement gap.

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Indianapolis, IN -Bridges to Success (BTS), Central Indiana
BTS is the flagship local United Way effort to create community schools. Now in 43 schools, BTS is planning expansion into other schools in Indianapolis, as well as other outlying school districts in the United Way service area

Kansas City, MO - The Local Investment Commission (LINC)
LINC represents an extensive system reform effort that includes education, social services, health care and community redevelopment. LINC has 48 community schools with six partner school districts, charter schools and local government. It has enjoyed broad support from the Kansas City business community and has a special relationship with the state’s social services department and other state agencies.

Lancaster, PA - The Full Service Community School Initiative
The Full Service Community School Initiative in the School District of Lancaster seeks to: 1) create a climate in which parents, school personnel, community members and partners join forces to build and view the school as one of vast resources and opportunities, 2) recognize the role of a school as a partner and educator by students, parents, families and the community, and 3) improve circumstances that block children’s ability to learn by providing referrals and access to needed service. The Boys and Girls Club and Compass Mark are the two Lead Partner Agencies leading this innovative work in Washington and King Elementary Schools, and Lincoln Middle School. At least one additional Full Service Community School will launch in the 2010-2011 school year.
Lehigh Valley, PA - COMPASS Initiative
The lead agency -  United Way of the Lehigh Valley’s COMPASS Initiative, allows schools and their surrounding communities to help local stu­dents prepare to graduate from high school ready to lead meaningful and productive lives. The regional initiative—involving two counties, three school districts, and five lead partner agencies—spans rural, suburban, and urban communities to serve 11 schools. Serving as an intermediary, It engages leaders in the business community, medical clinics and linked healthcare services, family centers, preschools and daycares, comprehensive after-school programs, community service programs through local colleges, and more.

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Lincoln, NE  - Lincoln Community Learning Centers Initiative
Lincoln Community Learning Centers Initiative has created 13 comprehensive learning centers. Lincoln is unique in organizing arrangements at community school system, school and neighborhood levels.
Long Beach, CA – Stevenson YMCA Community School
The Stevenson YMCA Community School serves over 900 families with a goal to increase parent engagement in the school environment to help support their children academically and to help support the school and create an open parent, school, community environment. The Stevenson YMCA Community School does this through Community Leadership Institutes, family involvement classes, workshops, and projects, and targeted in home education programming. Since its inception in 1996, this Community School has seen increases in individual student grades and API scores. It is now a California Distinguished School.

Los Angeles, CA - L.A. Education Partnership
A Federal Full-Service Community School Grantee, Urban Education Partnership creates learning environments that support high student achievement by strengthening families, schools and communities to support high academic achievement through collaboration. The Partnership works with schools to leverage parent and community resources as a vehicle for school improvement, and to form powerful social networks that improve economic opportunities, use resources collaboratively, outreach effectively, and generate lasting change.
Los Angeles, CA – Youth Policy Institute Belmont Full-Service Community Schools Program
A Federal Full-Service Community School Grantee, YPI Belmont Full-Service Community Schools Program provides wrap-around education and community services to assist youth and families attending four schools in the Pico-Union/Westlake community of Los Angeles. The program offers streamlined access to existing resources at each school, as well as new programs for students and families in twelve content areas. Based on needs assessments, the program offers mentoring and youth development, academic tutoring and enrichment, service learning, parenting education, adult education, job training and career counseling, nutrition services, primary health and dental care, mental health counseling, and assistance for students who have been truant, suspended, or expelled.

Montgomery County, MD –Linkages to Learning
Linkages to Learning is a school-based collaboration among the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, the Montgomery County Public Schools and non-profit, community based service providers. The program provides accessible services to at-risk children and their families to improve adjustment to and performance in school, home, and community. Prevention and early intervention services include health, mental health, social services and educational support.

Nashville, TN - Alignment Nashville
Alignment Nashville (AN) is a unique and scalable framework for developing community schools. The mission is to bring community organizations and resources into alignment so that their coordinated support of Nashville's youth has a positive impact on public school success, children's health, and the success of our community as a whole. In the past, over 175 nonprofit organizations worked in the schools and community individually, without direction or coordination. While each organization provided much-needed services, the problems facing public education and our children are far too complex for any single organization to address in isolation. AN has developed processes for collaboration that align the resources of these organizations to the Metro Nashville Public Schools strategic plan and to community strategic plans, aligning the city's resources toward common goals.

New York, NY - The National Center for Community Schools
, Children's Aid Society
The Children's Aid Society (CAS) currently operates 21 community schools in New York City. These community schools are the result of partnerships between CAS, the New York City Board of Education, the school district and community based partners. The aim is to develop a model of public schools that combines teaching and learning with the delivery of an array of social, health, child and youth development services, while emphasizing community and parental involvement. CAS, through its National Technical Assistance Center, also offers training and guidance in all aspects of designing and implementing the CAS community school model to suit the unique needs and strengths of individual communities.

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A Federal Full-Service Community School Grantee, SCOPE is  in its second year of implementation and highlights the following services: Head Start classes, Adult GED, Family ESL, YMCA after school and summer programing, Colors of Success (gang-prevention and mentoring), on-site nurse and mental health, and a full time community liaison. The Family Center has served our community for several years at varying degrees. YMCA provides after school and summer services for our youth. Our community liaisons provide daily classes for family literacy and ESL and drop-in services. Last year, we opened a comprehensive Health Clinic in a partnership with Midtown Clinic and McKay Dee Hospital. We are expanding this year with a partnership with our Departmenr of Workforce Services and United Way to offer employability trainings and counseling. We partner with over 15 community agencies to provide a plethora of services for our families.

Orangeburg, SC - Nelson C. Nix Education Center
A Federal Full-Service Community School Grantee, the Nelson C. Nix Education Center in Orangeburg, S.C. offers two community school programs. The first program serves overage and academically struggling middle school students. This program combines summer school classes and an intense nine month school session designed to classify students as sophomores, and return them to their zoned high schools. The second program serves all middle/high students who are assigned to the alternative education program by the district’s hearing officer in lieu of expulsion. Four major community partners work to provide support services to students and their family members on-site.

Palm Beach County, FL -
Children's Services Council of Palm Beach County
A Federal Full-Service Community School Grantee, Children's Services Council has more than 20 years of experience and for the past eight years, CSC provided management and technical assistance to 14 existing Beacon Centers. Housed under the umbrella of the Bridges Beacon Center, the FSCS Program at Highland Elementary School will implement two High/Scope Toddler and Preschool classes with dual language, Spanish-English concepts to serve 30 two and three-year olds. Parental engagement will be based on Parent-Child Development Centers and AVANCE model programs to provide weekly home visits and center-based parent-child interactions. The community school also offers a school-based youth mentoring program, as well as nutrition and health services - available to the entire school and its surrounding community at a newly renovated health clinic, just blocks away from the school.

Philadelphia, PA - University-Assisted Community Schools, Barbara and Edward Netter Center for Community Partnerships
The Netter Center for Community Partnerships, based out of the University of Pennsylvania, is a national partner in the community schools movement. Their University-Assisted Community School Program engages students (K-16+) in real world, community problem solving that is integrated into the school curriculum as well as through extended day programs. The Barbara and Edward Netter Center for Community Partnerships functions as the integrating vehicle to effectively align Penn’s numerous schools and departments in order to help develop and maintain university-assisted community schools and bring about mutually beneficial collaboration.

Portland, OR - The SUN Schools Initiative
The Schools Uniting Neighborhoods Initiative is a collaboration of city, county, state and school districts in Portland/Multnomah County, Oregon. Fifty-three SUN Schools work to extend the school day and strive to be a community "hub" by linking with other community institutions, such as the libraries, parks and community centers, neighborhood health clinics and area churches and businesses.

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Providence, RI - Dorcas Place Adult and Family Learning Center
A Federal Full-Service Community School Grantee, the Community Schools Initiative in Providence has had positive impact on children's academic performance by providing school-based family supports. As the initiative gains momentum in some of the most impoverished neighborhoods of the city, more than 1000 children and their family members have benefited from wraparound services located at their elementary schools. These services are provided by a coalition of community agencies led by Dorcas Place Adult and Family Learning Center. All partners work closely with the Providence Public School Department to address issues such as attendance, literacy, behavior and wellness.

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Redwood City, CA - Redwood City 2020
Description coming soon

Seattle, WA - The Seattle Public Schools Full Service Community Schools Project
A Federal Full-Service Community School Grantee, the Seattle Public Schools Full Service Community Schools Project works to increase the number of students who meet achievement standards and receive challenging academic content at Cleveland and Rainer Beach High Schools. This initiative works toward theses goals through collaboration with community partners, involving families in student education, increasing students' access to academic enrichment and support services, and a focus on student health and development.

St. Paul, MN - Achievement Plus
Achievement Plus is a private/public partnership between the Saint Paul Public Schools and the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation; other partners who helped create the initiative included the City of Saint Paul, Ramsey County, and the State of Minnesota.  Achievement Plus community schools are the foundation of a comprehensive urban education reform model that integrates the school community, families, and the resources of public and private organizations to ensure academic achievement for all students.  The primary goal of Achievement Plus is to improve student achievement in Saint Paul’s urban schools, while serving as a demonstration site and model for urban education.

Tukwila, WA - Community Schools Collaboration of South King County
The Community Schools Collaboration began  in Tukwila as a collaborative partnership between Casey Family Programs, the Puget Sound Educational Service District (PSESD), the Tukwila School District, the City of Tukwila and the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, Children’s Administration. The equally shared voice of the five partner agencies represented a groundbreaking effort in public private partnership and demonstrated one method for developing truly community based programming.

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Tulsa, OK - Tulsa Area Community Schools Initiative
In Tulsa, the community schools concept is organized & supported through the TACSI (Tulsa Area Community Schools Initiative) community-wide partnership. The initiative is delivered in 18 neighborhood Title I elementary schools in the Tulsa Public Schools and Union Public Schools districts.

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Vancouver, WA - Vancouver School District's Family-Community Resource Centers
Vancouver's Family-Community Resource Centers create a better foundation for student learning by coordinating resources for families. The rate of poverty in Vancouver Public Schools is 49 percent. In several elementary schools the poverty rate is 80 percent or higher. Meeting the needs of our families improves the educational experience of our students. Family-Community Resource Centers are a place where families can access a range of support including academic and early learning programs, health and social services, youth and community development, and community engagement. Community partners work together to provide support and services.
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