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Lifting Up Learning In Community Schools

Learning At The Center: Lifting Up Learning In Community Schools

This month, we spoke to Sonia Jasso Yilmaz, senior policy analyst at the National Education Association (NEA) about NEA's mission and how it connects with the goals of community schools. In addition, we learn about the 2016 NEA Representative Assembly and how it will develop the NEA’s platform in the coming year. We will be adding even more in the future. 

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 Opening Plenary - Learning is a Collective Responsibility Lily Eskelsen Garcia 


In community schools, teachers are part of a collective that shares this responsibility for educating all children in order to maximize impact. 

  Well Rounded Education: Learning In Community Schools Webinar

Learning is a fundamental component of high quality community schools. The Coalition's report, A Framework for More and Better Learning through Community School Partnerships, describes the ways community schools utilize results-focused partnerships to create expanded learning opportunities, health and social supports and services, and family and community engagement. In this webinar, participants will hear how community school initiatives in Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, and Oakland are supporting better learning.
 2016 Community Schools National Forum Workshop Learning Resources

Learn how to implement school based summer learning loss prevention programs that focus on literacy and enrichment for elementary students attending schools in low-income communities. And hear about the importance of family and community engagement during the summer months.

At Manzano Mesa Elementary, a collaborative dream was born: a cooperative preschool run by bilingual families. Explore the story of the Preschool Parent Cooperative. Hear the transformational journey of mothers who became early childhood educators, and college students who recieved T.E.A.C.H. early childhood scholarships.
Starting Strong! Kindergarten Transition at SUN Community Schools

Explore SUN's journey to a more comprehensive, replicable and supportive kindergarten transition for incoming students without preschool experience and their families. Learn about our systemwide efforts to connect with families earlier, how parent input is improving our strategies, and how the work has impacted one school.

What is our ultimate goal for a community school? We will look at how a small group of concerned community members have grown to grant over $400,000 in scholarships and increase the postsecondary attendance rate for the school to over 90%. 

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Learning Resources

A Framework for More and Better Learning through Community Schools Partnerships

 This guide provides a framework for how community schools systemically promote better learning through results-focused commuinty partnerships.

The Growing Convergence of Community Schools and  Expanded Learning  Opportunities

This report captures the scope and nature of expanded learning  opportunities in  community  school partnerships. The report includes  a new ELO typology and state-of-  the-art ELO  practices that  community schools are implementing. 


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