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Khalil Bridges: Listening to the Voices of Young People in Community Schools

Khalil Bridges: Listening to the Voices of Young People in Community Schools

This summer, the story of a young man in Baltimore, Khalil Bridges, has been shared via the Washington Post, and other news outlets. Khalil Bridges attended a community school in Baltimore, where he found help and support that would uplift him as he moved forward into young adulthood. His story is one of overcoming obstacles also was featured at our own Community Schools National Forum. After these articles were published, many people rallied to support Khalil in his future pursuits of education, prompting Khalil to ask what the next steps would be not for himself, but for other young people and his community as a whole. We want to share Khalil’s voice, through the coverage of his experience, as well as through his own words.

Coming of Age in a City Coming Apart: The piece follows the daily life, challenges, and dreams of Khalil Bridges, a senior at Baltimore’s Renaissance Academy, one of the city’s community schools. The central question of the story is, in the midst of poverty, struggle, and violence, "Can he make it when others are dying?" The piece details the many and varied obstacles Bridges meets on his path and his journey in overcoming them. Read More >

·         Principal: ‘The truth is that many Americans do not see value in investing in boys of color’: Khalil’s high school principal, Nikkia Rowe, discusses how Khalil’s story is a representation of how America often doesn’t invest in young boys and men of color. Read More >

·         Marty Blank’s Blog: Listening to the Voices of Young People. Read More >

·         Follow Up Articles and Video about Khalil:

o   Coming of Age in a City Coming Apart (Video)

o   Pulling it together in West Baltimore

o   ‘Soar Khalil soar!’ Nearly 250 strangers give a Baltimore teenager $30,000

o   ‘I believe in you’: An outpouring of help for a Baltimore teen

·         Watch Khalil Bridges at Community Schools National Forum:: Community schools hold an opportunity for students who may struggle with resources to receive help, and most importantly opportunities. Khalil Bridges discusses the opportunities he received at a community school in Baltimore. Watch>

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