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Culture of Health





Culture of Health Series

Everyone deserves to live the healthiest life possible. Thanks to the support from the
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), the Coalition will highlight how community schools are making their schools and community healthier places for all. 

Here are some stories from our Culture of Health Site work. Click here to view.

Here are some stories featured in our Culture of Health Series.

Paterson School Partnerships Help Provide Counseling Services to 35 Syrian Refugees

Serving the Immigration Population in a New Political Climate

Cherryland Elementary - Hayward, California: Helping Children and Staff

 Cope with Trauma through Partnerships

Over 40 partners help to bring business and faith programs into Cherryland Elementary 




Oakland High School Community School Partnerships Create a Culture of Health 

Over 20 partners help to provide opportunities and support to OHS

 Shop 55 Oakland High School Wellness Center 


Health and Social Support 

Poverty, family circumstances, limited access to health care and other social supports have a substantial impact on a student’s ability to successfully learn and develop. These facts are not "excuses," they are realities that students, families, teachers and principals address daily. Community schools are making connections to important health and social supports by bringing community health agencies, dentists, and mental health practitioners enable young people to develop the competencies needed to lead healthy lives. They offer families support on a consistent basis. All of these services for students, their families, and even the entire community help create the kind of supportive environment that keeps students healthy and safe and living in stable families.  



Selected Stories:

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