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Expanded Learning Opportunities

Increasing educational opportunities for children and youth requires us to rethink the traditional school day. Community schools utilize innovative approaches that expand learning opportunities before, during, and after school, during the summer and/or by extending the school day and year. 

ELO strategies are a core component of community schools and seek to use the school as a vehicle for increasing learning opportunities for students. In essence, community schools are the embodiment of what expanding learning time and opportunities should look like. A school that is open 24/7 – 365 days of the year, serving students and their family’s needs, and that operates with the support of community partners that can tailor their activities to the school’s academic and non-academic goals. 

 The Growing Convergence of Community Schools and  Expanded Learning  Opportunities
 This report captures the scope and nature of expanded learning  opportunities in  community  school partnerships. The report includes  a new ELO typology and state-of-  the-art ELO  practices that  community schools are implementing. 
 By Reuben Jacobson, Shama S. Jamal, Linda Jacobson, Martin J. Blank - December 2013

 Download the Full Report here.
 Download the Executive Summary here.
 Download the ELO Typology here.
 Download the Case Studies:
        Lincoln, Nebraska - Expanding Learning Opportunities through Partnerships
        Baltimore, Maryland - Strategic Alignment of Community Schools and Expanded                   Learning Opportunities
 Report in the News:
        Education Daily - December 11, 2013 (For Education Daily Subscribers)
        Education Week - Time and Learning Blog

Webinar on Report
The webinar highlighted the Coalition for Community Schools' recent report, The Growing Convergence of Community Schools and Expanded Learning Opportunities. The webinar highlighted key findings, best practices and examples from Baltimore, MD and New Haven, CT.
  • Reuben Jacobson, Senior Associate for Research & Strategy, Coalition for Community Schools
  • Julia Baez, Senior Director of Education Initiatives, Family League of Baltimore (Baltimore, MD)
  • Laoise King, Vice President of Education Initiatives, United Way of Greater New Haven (New Haven, CT)
ELO Blog Series - Innovations in Expanded Learning Opportunities: The Community Schools Approach
These blogs are also features in the new report, The Growing Convergence of Community Schools and Expanded Learning Opportunities. To view all the blogs, click here:
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The 6,000 Hour Learning Gap - The After-School Corporation
By the time they reach 6th grade, middle class kids have likely spent 6,000 more hours learning than kids born into poverty. Sounds like a big gap? 

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