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Coordinators Appreciation Week 2018

Who are Community School Coordinators?

Who are Community School

2018 Coordinator Leadership
Awardee Hallie Atwater

The Community School movement has grown across the country and internationally with more than 5,000 schools. Community School Coordinators are the people who push forward this movement and are the key to successful implementation. Without our community school coordinators, the bridge between the school and the community would not be nearly as strong. Community School Coordinators work diligently to create and manage the partnerships that allow students to learn and thrive, and they deserve recognition for all the work they do.

What Is Coordinators Appreciation Week?

Community School Coordinators Appreciation Week is hosted by the Coalition of Community Schools and its partners to encourage individuals, schools, and local community school initiatives to honor and thank their Community School Coordinators.

How Can I Thank a Community School Coordinator?

Download our Coordinators Appreciation Week Toolkit with 4 easy ways to celebrate your community school coordinator.

Thank You to Our Coordinator
Appreciation Week Partners

Sign Up to Become Coordinator Appreciation Week

Achilles Elementary | Albuquerque City Council | Binghamton University | Center for Leadership, Development and Advocacy | David Douglas School District | George Washington Elementary | Helen Ross McNabb Center | Jennie Rosebaum | Margaret Brent Elementary Middle School | Metropolitan Family Service | Millennium at Santa Fe Hickman Mills C-1 School District | Positive Schools Center, University of Maryland, School of Social Work | Rural School and Community Trust | Walt Morey Middle School | WCCUSD - Helms Middle School | Youth Policy Institute

#CoordinatorsRock Highlights

Super-Coordinator Shanelle England and
Student Tatiauna Rogers from Forest Park
High School, Baltimore, MD

Super-Coordinator Ashley Lyes of
Charles Hart Middle School, Washington, DC




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