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Harmon Johnson Elementary School (Twin Rivers Unified School District, Sacramento, CA)

two young girls studying in class togetherHarmon Johnson, a school with a 98% poverty rate and 70% English Language Learners, had the highest 3-year growth on California’s Academic Performance Index and one of the highest attendance rates of any school in its district. Parent volunteerism has increased by 500% in the past seven years and their engagement has made the school safer and improved its climate. Additionally, parents led the school district to invest an additional $1.4 million in the school instead of closing it as originally planned. The school now features widely-used health, mental health, and dental services. Parent activism has also led the city to shut down a hazardous adjacent housing complex and create safer routes to the school. Harmon Johnson educators worked with Vulcan Materials Company, University of Pacific, Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services, and many others to attain these goals.

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Watch video of Harmon Elementary receiving their National Award. (13;20)

Hillcrest Elementary School (San Francisco Unified School District, San Francisco, CA)

two young girls smiling and hugging at the playgroundHillcrest, which has a nearly 100% minority student population, saw an 11% increase in California Standardized Test scores across all grades from 2010 to 2012. Behavior, discipline, and fighting have decreased significantly. Ninety percent of Hillcrest teachers reported feeling that nearly all of the students are well behaved, only 20% believed that to be the case when they first started teaching at the school. Parent participation in teacher conferences has increased by 40% and a parent-run food bank serves nearly 80 families a week. Nearly half of Hillcrest students participate in after-school or summer school programs. The school has achieved these results by leveraging more than $1.3 million through partnerships and grants, accounting for 30% of its operating revenue.

Read Hillcrest's Awards Profile.

Watch video of Hillcrest Elementary receiving their National Award. (8:43)

Roosevelt Elementary School (Allentown School District, Allentown, PA)

young boy giving two thumbs-up in classPart of the COMPASS Community School Initiative (Community Partners for Student Success), led by the United Way of Greater Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania, Roosevelt received the Academic Achievement Award for Adequate Yearly Progress from the state of Pennsylvania for three consecutive years (2009-2011). The percentage of students scoring advanced and proficient in reading increased by 19% from 2006 to 2011 and by 13% on math assessments. Parent volunteerism and participation is on the rise, more than two-dozen community members attend adult English classes, and more than half of its students participate in before, after, or summer school activities run by the Boys and Girls Clubs of Allentown and other community partners. The Boys and Girls Club coordinates other opportunities for students and their families at the school, and works closely with the school’s corporate partners, Air Products.

Read Roosevelt Elementary's Award Profile

Watch video of Roosevelt Elementary receiving their National Award. (15:18)
View video to learn more about Roosevelt Elementary:
Video 1: (3:51)

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