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United Way Community Schools Learning Community

United Way Community Schools Learning Community 

United Ways can serve many roles within a community school strategy as a: key leader in the community leadership group, an intermediary organization managing the community schools work, a lead agency or a funder that provides the necessary resources needed. Many of these roles are represented in a United Way Community Schools Learning Community that serves as a peer networking opportunity for United Way’s involved in community school initiatives. This network is convened by the United Way Worldwide, a group of local United Way’s, along with the Coalition for Community Schools.

  • If you are a United Way involved in community schools and would like to participate in the network, please email Bernice Butler, at

Greater Gallatin United Way

United Way of Greater Cincinnati

United Way of Northeast Florida

Heart of Florida United Way

United Way of Greater Cleveland

United Way of Northern Arizona

Mason County United Way

United Way of Greater Greensboro

United Way of Northern Utah

United Way for Greater Austin

United Way of Greater Milwaukee

United Way of Orange County

United Way New York City

United Way of Greater Toledo

United Way of Racine County

United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County

United Way of Heart of West Michigan

United Way of Rhode Island

United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut

United Way of King County

United Way of Salt Lake

United Way of Central Indiana

United Way of Lancaster County

United Way of South Hampton Roads

United Way of Central Iowa

United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County

United Way of the Bay Area

United Way of Central Mexico

United Way of McLean County

United Way of the National Capital Area

United Way of Erie 

United Way of Metropolitan Chicago

United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley

Key Roles of United Ways in Community Schools

  • Key player in community leadership group. In this role they provide oversight of the community schools work; provide resources; and contribute to policy development and decisions.
  • Intermediary organization: In this role, United Ways manage the community schools initiative, create the strategic plan, and ensure that there is communication between the School Site Leadership Team and the Community Leadership Team. 
  • Lead agency or contract with others to be leads
  • Funder: United Ways can fund intermediaries and incentivize the integration of grantee work at individual schools through the community schools approach

Exemplar Community School Initiatives Supported by United Ways

Key Resources

Here are a few PowerPoints that you might find useful as you begin and/or continue your community schools work: 
The United Way Community School Learning Community has been sponsored by
the Coalition for Community Schools and United Way Worldwide
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