Shawna Hulsey

My Summer Internship Experience at the
Coalition for Community Schools

Shawna Hulsey
UC Berkeley ’18
Coalition for Community Schools Intern
Summer 2017

Hello! My name is Shawna Hulsey and I’m a student at the University of California Berkeley studying Sociology and Education who had the great privilege of interning with the Coalition for Community Schools this summer! I came to D.C. with a program through my university and while looking for an internship during the school year I knew I wanted to work for an education based organization. I have a deep passion for creating a move equitable education system in our country. The schooling a student receives shouldn’t be determined by their zip code. My goal for the summer was to expand my education experience outside of working in the classroom, seeing how things work behind the scenes and how they impact students in schools.
I was familiar with community schools through a research project I completed in one of my courses. So when I came across the internship with the Coalition I was immediately interested. Community schools are an equitable approach to schooling. They bring in resources that all students may not have access to, such as health clinics. I was thrilled when I was offered the position, and couldn’t wait to begin my journey on the east coast. 
My very first day on the job was also the Coalition’s Community Schools Awards for Excellence Symposium. It was an amazing way to jump directly into the work and get acquainted with the entire team. My second day was the advocacy day that goes along with the awards. I found myself in meeting at both senators and representatives offices. Interning with the Coalition brought something exciting every day, even if it wasn’t big events such as my first two days.
The people at in Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL) are what made every day exciting. I worked closely with everyone on the Coalition team but I also found myself making connections with other IEL staff over things like our love of Starbucks or spending a whole day organizing publications – for fun. I truly felt the staff saw me as a co-workers, not just a summer intern. It wasn’t expected that I had to do typical intern task, such as sort the mail, often staff would offer to do it for me. I got to contribute to important and impactful projects. One project I worked on that I am particularly proud of is the blog post I collaborated on with Coalition director Marty Blank. I got to sit in on calls, create drafts, do edits, and work directly with Marty. This is only one example of all the amazing things I got to work on this summer. 

It was an honor to become a part of, not only the Coalition for Community Schools family, but also the Institute for Educational Leadership family this summer. I hope you too get the amazing experience of interning here! 


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