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Vision and Mission

Vision, Mission Principles and Strategies
Coalition for Community Schools through 2020

Vision: Schools are centers of flourishing communities where everyone belongs, works together, and thrives.

Mission: To unite school, community and family for young people’s success.

Principles: Partners in the Coalition for Community Schools believe that public education is essential for strong communities and a flourishing economy and democracy. We pledge to lead across organizational and institutional boundaries to ensure that all young people are prepared for college, careers, and citizenship.

These principles guide our work together as we seek to develop effective and sustainable community schools.
·         Equity: Fairness and opportunity are fundamental moral underpinnings of American education and democracy. Our leaders must invest the human, institutional and financial resources needed to close the opportunity gap and build an equitable society.
·         Learning and Development: Learning and development are interdependent. Capable principals and teachers, work in coordination with community partners, to offer engaging instruction and develop students’ physical, social, emotional, ethical and civic competencies.
·         Community: Strong schools and strong communities are inextricably linked. Community residents and partners have a role in the decision-making processes of their schools, fully leveraging the collective assets of school and community.
·         Family: Families play a pivotal role in their children’s growth at home and in school. Schools should help families enhance their skills, honor their culture, and develop their leadership.
·         Youth Leadership and Engagement: Young people take charge of their learning and become agents in their own development. As leaders in efforts to transform their schools and communities, their ideas and concerns guide the actions of educators and community partners.
·         Results-Driven Partnership: Successful partnerships require schools and community partners to align their work, build collective capacity, and hold each other publicly accountable. This shared ownership broadens their reach and deepens their impact.


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