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Vision and Mission

Coalition for Community Schools
The Coalition for Community Schools is an alliance of local, state and national partners who relentlessly leads efforts to advance equitable systems and opportunities.

To unite schools, families and communities for young people's succes.
Schools are centers of flourishing communities where everyone belongs, works together and thrives.

Organizational Values

EQUITY: Because opportunities and pathways to success are not equitably available to all of our children, we advocate for and work toward eliminating systemic racial and socio-economic barriers that historically have faced our most vulnerable children, youth, and families.  

DEMOCRACY: Because quality public education is the cornerstone of a strong democracy, we advocate for and work toward ensuring that our public education system provides all young people with the resources needed for them to achieve productive adulthood—as workers, citizens, and family members.  

HARMONY: Because the well-being of children depends in large part on the willingness of adults to work together on their behalf, we advocate for and work toward investments of human and financial resources that are commensurate with the awesome responsibility of supporting the healthy development of future generations.  

Operating Principles

BUILD ON COMMUNITY STRENGTHS by mobilizing, preparing, and supporting leaders at all levels and of all ages to advocate for optimal learning and living conditions for all young people and to celebrate the everyday victories in our schools and communities.
INVEST IN BUILDING TRUSTING RELATIONSHIPS among local, state and national partners in order to ensure long-term sustainability and better outcomes.
COMMIT TO CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT by combining rigorous research, reliable data practices, and community wisdom to guide our partnerships as we work together to achieve meaningful, measurable results.

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