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IEL Connection

Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL) staffs the Coalition for Community Schools. The Coalition has its own Steering Committee who decides on the Coalition's policy and strategies and also provides oversight of its activities.

Since 1964, the Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL) has been at the forefront of innovative efforts that bring together leaders across the various sectors of education (P-20), workforce development and child- and youth-serving systems. IEL builds partnerships across institutional boundaries, helping individuals and institutions tackle leadership challenges and leverage the resources of multiple partners to foster reform. For IEL, deep and purposeful collaboration is essential to getting results that will transform learning for the 21st Century.

IEL’s work focuses on multiple factors that influence child and youth outcomes. Institutional factors, such as effective organizational stewardship and strong professional development; in-school factors, such as principal leadership, teacher quality and rigorous, engaging curricula; and non-school factors, such as family circumstances and community context all require attention. We believe that our society and our leaders can and must address all dimensions of child and youth development.

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