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IEL Connection

The Institute for Educational Leadership is a 55-year old diverse national non-profit organization working at the intersection of education and workforce development to address the needs of young people and their families. IEL, an organization that values equity, inclusion, cross-sector collaboration, and impact, runs a variety of initiatives that benefit children, youth, and families and the professionals and organizations that serve them, including the Coalition for Community Schools, Education Policy Fellowship Program, Ready to Achieve Mentoring Program (RAMP), Right Turn Career-Focused Youth Transition Initiative, National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth, Appalachian Higher Education Network, Youth Workforce Leaders Academy, and Family and Community Engagement Network.

IEL is unapologetically taking a bold stance against the injustices that perpetuate any and all discrimination with the implementation of its five-year goal to Rise Up for Equity by preparing over 2,000 leaders to eliminate systemic barriers in education and workforce development and to create conditions, capacities, cultures, and policies necessary for everyone to succeed. IEL’s strategy to close gaps in access, opportunity, and achievement includes two prongs: policy and program innovation and leadership development. IEL will achieve its five-year goal by preparing, supporting, and mobilizing leaders in networks and incentivizing and challenging communities to innovate.
IEL has developed, trained, and supported thousands of leaders across its vast networks and has leadership competencies and assets—a diverse, highly-educated, and multi-generational team; demonstrated leadership capacity; research and development abilities; network development, community organizing, and provides professional development technical assistance.
To learn more about how IEL bodly mobilizes leaders for impact please visit


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