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Employment Opportunities

Assistant Conference Coordinator

The Coalition for Community Schools is hosting their biennial national conference in Baltimore, MD in May 2018. Over 2,000 attendees who are dedicated to better results for young people across the nation through the community school strategy are expected to be in attendance. The Coalition is seeking an Assistant Conference Coordinator from September 2017-May 2018. This individual will serve as primary back up for the Conference Coordinator, providing logistical and administrative support. We are looking for a motivated, enthusiastic teammate who is detail oriented, organized, and wants to hit the ground running.

Roles and Responsibilities:
• Assist with the selection, review and coordination of over 150 conference workshop proposals and presentations;
• Ensure the accuracy and functionality of the conference registration system;
• Assists with management of conference website and mobile app;
• Coordinate conference calls with the presenters and planning committees;
• Provide customer service support for attendees;
• Provide on-site support at the National Forum (May 1-4, 2018);
• Assists in the preparation of all post-event materials such as event reports and evaluations; and
• Performs other National Forum duties as assigned

• High School or Associate’s degree;
• Interest in education and/or public policy;
• Knowledge of event or meeting planning practices;
• Strong organizational and detail-oriented skills;
• Capacity to make decisions and communicate those decisions with tact and professionalism;
• Strong multi-tasking skills with a comfort in maintaining multiple, often conflicting, priorities;
• Effective planning and organization skills;
• Experience with various software packages: Microsoft Word, EXCEL, PowerPoint applications; some experience with Web-related software (i.e. Cvent, Salesforce) preferred; and
• Willingness to commit to working at least 4-5 days a week (full time preferred) and work until May 31, 2018.

How to apply:
Please send a cover letter and resume to with the subject line "Assistant Conference Coordinator – Insert Your Name" by July 21.

Salary: $20/hour

Internship – Fall 2017

The Coalition for Community Schools envisions schools as centers of community where people and organizations from many different disciplines work with community residents, students and educators to help students succeed and build healthy families and communities.

The Coalition for Community Schools is currently seeking motivated undergraduate students to serve as  Interns in our office. We desire candidates who have excellent computer skills (MS Office & Internet research). Interns must possess outstanding office and phone manners, and excellent writing skills, in addition to being well-organized, punctual, dependable, flexible, attentive to detail, and able to work both independently and as part of a team and are willing to take initiative. We offer a supportive and fun office environment, where interns will gain valuable experience in education policy and reform.

Interns take on independent research, planning and outreach tasks. They are given the opportunity to learn about current policies affecting children and families and work as part of the Coalition staff team. Interns attend meetings with local, state and national organizations in education, youth development, mental health and other fields, and have the opportunity to participate in other Washington policy conversations. Our interns tell us they have lots of fun, and do less ‘grunt’ work than in their peers.

Applicants must be available to work a minimum of three full days a week and at least 10 weeks. Preference is given to those available full-time. We accept applications for Fall, Spring and Summer on a rolling basis.

To apply, email, send or fax your resume and cover letter to:

Coalition for Community Schools
Institute for Educational Leadership
Attn: Jennifer Masutani 
4301 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 100
Washington, DC 20008
Fax: (202)872-4050

Testimonials from Coalition Interns

I have enjoyed my time as the Coalition for Community Schools Intern at the Institute for Educational Leadership. I have learned a lot in my short time here, from education policy, communications, to how a non-profit is run. I have had the opportunity to engage in a variety of work, from webpage design, social media, and policy research. The people here are passionate about the work that they are doing, and the knowledge that they have given me is indispensable. - Nick (Spring 2017)

Read Shawna's blog on her summer 2017 internship with the Coalition.

Community Schools Job Spotlight 

ABC Community Partnership is seeking to identify an Executive Director who will be responsible, under the general direction of the Board Chair, for overseeing the administration, programs, and strategic planning necessary to increase the number of Community Schools in partnership with APS, to promote and make the best use of ABC’s collaborative leadership structure, and to manage the operations of the partnership, all with the goal of increasing the number of students who are on track to successfully graduate high school.

Key Funstions: In addition to, and alignment with, the Bernalillo County Executive Director Job Description listed on the Executive Director will be responsible for coordinating the execution of the following functions:

1. Results Based Vision: For community schools, the long-range vision calls for building out the conditions for learning into a "community where learning happens." In an effective scale-up initiative, the system operating culture—assumptions, expectations, beliefs, and stakeholder values—are consistent with the driving vision. A results-based framework, including indicators, is used to measure student, school, and community progress in key areas of learning and development. It is also used to track operational progress in creating a shift in ownership, depth, spread, and sustainability.

2. Data & Evaluation: Focus on the collection and analysis of information. It illuminates implementation by tracking the initiative’s indicators (e.g., attendance, partnership effectiveness, and achievement) and collects data on community assets and social and political context in order to identify areas of need, opportunity, and success. It also integrates different databases for improved decision making while ensuring the requisite confidentiality.

3. Finance and Resource Development: Ensure that existing school and community resources are identified, coordinated, and used to leverage new dollars to achieve results, fund continuous improvements, and sustain expansion. Resource development also entails mobilizing a community’s human and social capital so that children and youth benefit from connections to caring adults and neighborhood, civic, and business groups and develop a clear sense of their importance in and responsibility to their community.

4. Alignment and Integration: Spread and deepen the commitment to community schools norms in the policies and practices of systems across the community as well as in individual school sites. Alignment activities ensure that the initiative’s results-based framework, school district strategic planning, curriculum and instruction, and partners’ system rules and resources are in accord with and supported by the initiative’s overall vision and system norms. It involves working with other related initiatives to support shared goals and facilitate overall progress. Integration requires school-site leaders to design explicit practice and policy connections among programs and activities that result in progress toward site-level results. It involves integration of the efforts of all practitioners working with students regardless of organizational affiliation.

5. Supportive Policy and Practice: Ensure that school districts’ and partner agencies’ financial, administrative, operational, and strategic policies support community schools and that schools and partners advocate for and enact policy changes in response to site-level needs, and ensures regular communication between community and site leaders.

6. Professional Development and Technical Assistance (TA): Play an essential role in embedding a community school’s culture within school and the larger community by transmitting values and attitudes, assumptions, and expectations consistent with a community schools vision. It promotes the creation of school site-based policies and practices that foster the conditions for learning and the principles of community schools. In addition, professional development and TA help schools and community partners build effective relationships.

7. Broad Community Engagement: Focus on building the political will to fund and sustain scale-up by developing a broad-based commitment to "communities where learning happens" as well as the social connections, both formal and informal, that translate into political and financial support. Community engagement activities ensure that the voices of youth, families, and residents are fully heard, that system practices and policies reflect community needs and preferences, and that the community increasingly adopts and spreads the initiative’s norms.

Working Conditions 
1. Essential duties are performed primarily in an office on a computer and telephone.
2. A Bernalillo County vehicle may be used for local travel upon completion of the Bernalillo County defensive driving course, and by maintaining the proper personal insurance and good driving record.
3. Key functions include Microsoft products, organizing, facilitation, personal communications, public speaking, analyzing skills, and report writing.

ANNUAL SALARY RANGE: $80,000 - $90,000 (All Bernalillo County benefits apply)
Apply on and click on "Jobs"


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