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Early Childhood & Community Schools Linkages Goal

Linkages' goal is to show community schools as effective vehicles to promote access to and continuity of high quality curriculum, pedagogy, and expectations across early childhood programs and the early grades. Building on well-developed local capacity, Linkage Project sites will foster improved local, district and state level policies and practices.

Site work will be guided by intentional efforts to move toward broad, long-term results including: 1) improved outcomes for children and families; 2) a sustainable system of 0-8 education and supports; and 3) state level policies and funding mechanisms to ensure statewide linkage across early childhood and community school systems.

The Project envisions a deliberate integration of policy and practice at the local, district, and state level. It is designed to improve the quality and continuity of practice across early childhood programs and community schools; increase the scale of those efforts; and promote their sustainability.

The Coalition is working in Multnomah, OR, Tulsa, OK, and Albuquerque, NM, with a mature core of community schools to meet this challenge and take advantage of the opportunity for growth and knowledge development it offers. During a 36-month funding period, these sites will work toward achieving:

  • A sustainable, collaborative relationship among early childhood and community school partners at the local and state level;
  • Agreement among partners on project goals and long range results;
  • Implementation of an agreed upon strategic plan to achieve goals and move toward long-term results;
  • State policy that supports early childhood and community school linkages; and
  • Replication and scale up of efforts through shared ‘lessons learned’ locally and with other districts, communities, tribes where applicable, and statewide.

Through this work, the Coalition intends to demonstrate that community schools offer a flexible and efficient vehicle for moving communities toward long-term, positive results at three levels: Child and Family; School and Community; and State Policy. The ongoing results envisioned are expected to be used by Project sites to focus and direct their work. Specifically these results call for:

  • All children entering school ready to learn, continuing their positive development, and succeeding academically by 3rd grade. (Child and Family Level)
  • A results-driven, sustainable system at the local level that provides continuous high quality services and learning experiences for children and families from birth through the grades. (School and Community Level)
  • Supportive state policies and funding mechanisms that ensure the sustainability of linkages between early childhood systems and community schools statewide. (State Policy Level)

The Coalition for Community Schools (CCS) Project Team and technical assistance providers will help Project sites address results-based goals within the framework. Click here to view the evaluation plan and logic model for the Linkages project.

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