Current Early Childhood Projects

The Coalition for Community Schools partners with nationally-acclaimed early childhood leaders on several pioneering projects centered around improving the educational experience in the first years of life.

 Early Childhood Community School Linkages:  Advancing a Theory of Change

 This new publication highlights the work of the Early Childhood and  Community Schools Linkages Project and the lessons learned from the  sites (Tulsa, OK; Multnomah County, OR; and, Albuquerque, NM) to  advance a Theory of Change for aligning early childhood learning with  elementary education. This work is grounded in a coherent  rationale and  designates a series of  indicators that demonstrate system-level, setting-  level and individual-level practices to promote  smooth transitions to  early grades and  growth across youth development outcomes for all  children.   

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Blog: Community Schools Collaboration - A Lifeline for Early Learning Program Success
Click here to review the guest blog written by Janet Brown, Senior Early Childhood Program Specialist and Kwesi Rollins, Director of Leadership Programs at the Institute for Educational Leadership.

Research Brief on the Early Childhood Linkages Project

The research brief provides a review of the qualitative implementation study designed to yield insight into the practices and conditions that facilitate improved linkages. 

Building Blocks:
An Examination of the Collaborative Approach Community Schools Are Using
to Bolster Early Childhood Development

By Reuben Jacobson, Linda Jacobson, Martin J. Blank

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Early childhood opportunities are receiving increased attention from researchers, educators, and policymakers. They understand that a high-quality early educational experience can be a difference-maker in a child’s life. Children who start kindergarten ready to learn are better prepared for the challenges and opportunities ahead, and all children should have access to high-quality early childhood opportunities. Many school districts are starting to connect their early childhood education programs to their community school initiatives and vice versa. Places such as Tulsa, Evansville, Portland, Providence, Cincinnati, and Hartford are linking community school partnerships and supports with early childhood programs, at the most important time in a person’s development. They are providing a "linkage" between early childhood and school that ensures a continuity of support across a child’s experience in school. As a result, many community schools are seeing increased attendance, less mobility, and fewer behavioral problems amongst its kindergarteners. Children are coming to school ready to learn. Community schools are providing blueprints for sustainable and replicable 0-8 early childhood education systems.

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