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Community Schools Leadership Network (CSLN)

Nearly 90 communities now have major community schools efforts and 61 are part of a learning community of local initiatives, called the Community Schools Leadership Network.

Network Goals:

  • Serve as a professional learning community for leaders of community school initiatives.
  • Act as the "pulse" of the field for the Steering Committee and Coalition staff, providing input and advice on the direction and key activities of the Coalition.

Consistent with these goals, the specific objectives of the Network are:

  • To provide a forum for identifying, exploring and learning about emerging issues in community school practice;
  • To share and develop solutions among peers to challenges experienced by community school initiatives;
  • To provide feedback, stories and lessons from the field to guide and support the Coalition’s work and be included in its work products (reports, websites, etc.); and
  • To identify policy and advocacy opportunities and challenges emanating from community schools practice, and to inform the Coalition’s policy and advocacy agenda. Members of the Network will participate in the Coalition’s Federal policy development process.

Membership: The Network’s members are community school initiatives across the country represented by their selected leaders. These "leaders" will represent key systems level players in local community school efforts and they will also serve as formal mentors to prospective sites. The size or location of the initiative is not a criterion for membership, but rather that the organization is actively engaged in implementing community schools. They will have at least 1 community school on the ground and have in place a plan and strategy for developing and implementing community schools in multiple sites. Those who want to participate in the Network will submit a 1 page description including their plan and strategy. The Network includes established and emerging groups. Coalition staff will support ongoing convening, maintenance, and recruitment, of membership.

Meetings: The Network will meet at least twice per year, if possible in conjunction with another convening (CCS national conference, CCS partners meeting, NCCS Practicum, CCS Awards/Advocacy Day). Monthly conference calls and/or webinars for the full Network are organized. 

Interested in joining this Network: Contact Bernice Butler, Partnerships Manager at

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