Early Childhood and Community School Linkages

The Early Childhood and Community Schools Linkages Project (Linkages) is funded through the generous support of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. This project demonstrates how strategic linkages between quality comprehensive early childhood opportunities and effective community schools lead to better results for vulnerable children, as well as lay a solid foundation for success in school and life. Click here to access The Early Childhood and Community Schools Linkage Project: A Framework for Action.

Linkages' goal is to show community schools as effective vehicles to promote access to and continuity of high quality curriculum, pedagogy, and expectations across early childhood programs and the early grades. Building on well-developed local capacity, Linkage Project sites will foster improved local, district and state level policies and practices. Read more.
To demonstrate that the importance of strategic linkages, three pilot community school initiatives have been selected to serve as Linkages sites:
·         Albuquerque, NM
·         Multnomah, OR
·         Tulsa, OK

They are focusing on several key indicators: family engagement, early chronic absenteeism, and reading on grade level by the end of third grade.

Technical assistance to the sites is being provided by The National Center for Community Schools at the Children's Aid Society and The John W. Gardner Center. The National Center provides technical assistance to the three project sites in support of their work and to help them examine their progress towards goals. The Gardner Center is conducting an external evaluation, documenting how sites are progressing toward project goals. Read more about the Children's Aid Society's work around Early Learning.

The Coalition has also convened an advisory board of Early Childhood experts to offer guidance to the Linkages sites. They have contributed immensely to getting the Linkages work off of the ground as well as helped create the Project Framework . Advisory Board Members are: Sharon Adams-Taylor, Johnny Bancroft, Helen Blank, Gary Chapman, Richard Clifford, Libby Doggett, Ayeola Fortune, Mimi Howard, Sara Mead, Sandra Miller, Jane Quinn, Adele Robinson, Lisbeth Schorr, Fasaha Traylor, and Marci Young.

Click here to read about a Research Brief on the Linkages Project

Click here to read about the Linkages’ Rationale.
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