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Community School Coordinators Network

About the Network

The Community School Coordinators Network is a professional learning community of 500 Community School Coordinators across the country who connect and learn from each other, and have a centralized place to find tools and resources.

Why Join the Network?

Access resources and professional development opportunities designed specifically for Community School Coordinators. Some community schools are part of an initiative with many other Coordinators to support each other; others may only have a few. This Network is a place to make connections so that no one has to reinvent the wheel and have the opportunity to learn from each other.


The Network members’ are people working in a coordinating position at local community schools. Their role broadly encompasses mobilizing and aligning partners with the work of the school and coordinating opportunities and supports for students, their families and the community. These individuals manager relationships between schools and external community partners including community-based organizations, businesses, health and human service agencies and institutions of higher education, among others. Criteria includes:

  • Must currently be working in a community school.
  • Can be a part-time coordinator for one or more schools.
  • Cannot be a supervisor/director for multiple coordinators within an initiative, unless she is also a community school coordinator for one of the schools within the initiative.

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oordinator Stories

Check out these amazing stories from Coordinators in the Network!

Coordinators from the 2018 Community Schools
National Forum
Coordinator Shanelle England and Student
Tatiauna Rogers from Forest Park High School
2018 Coordinator Leadership Awardee Hallie Atwater
Coordinator Ashley Lyes of Charles Hart Middle School
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