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2017 Community Schools Awards Profiles


Congratulations to our 2017 Awards winners! Take a look at our initiative and school awardee profiles and learn how schools, families, and communities, along with district and city leadership, are partnering so students can learn and thrive! 

Check out our Awards Symposium photos and Storify where celebrated our awardees.

Initiative Winners

Community Achieves (Nashville, TN)

Community Achieves is an initiative of 23 schools serving more than 17,000 students that identifies, recruits and coordinates organizations to support the needs of students and their families. Community Achieves partners with organizations like the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce adding to district’s nearly 600 external programs, supports and partnerships working in Community Achieves schools. Sixteen thousand students are being served in programs focusing on health and wellness; more than 2,100 students took advantage of college and career readiness opportunities last school year; and scholarship funds offered have doubled to almost $16 million.

Read Community Achieves' Award Profile.


NYC Community Schools Initiative (New York, NY)

The NYC Community Schools Initiative is led by the NYC Department of Education and calls for all public agencies and community based groups that interact with young people and their families to organize themselves around the city’s 150 community schools. Mayor Bill de Blasio and Chancellor Carmen Farina have taken active roles in ensuring that community schools are a major education priority supported by an Advisory Board of key stakeholders such as the United Federation of Teachers, community organizing groups, foundations, businesses, health providers, and others. As a result, NYC community schools have seen a 7.2% reduction in chronic absenteeism, a 1.8% increase in math, and a 5.7% increase in English language in the past year. 

Read NYC Community Schools Initiative's Award Profile.

Neighborhood Community School Initiative Winner

Enlace Chicago (Chicago, IL)

Enlace Chicago is a community development organization that gives children and youth safe places to play and learn. Enlace leads eight community schools in a predominantly immigrant, low-income neighborhood on the city’s west side. Enlace is responsible for organizing a 19-day hunger strike, which led to the construction of a multiplex of four individual high schools in the neighborhood. Enlace’s partnerships provide each school with roughly $100,000 worth of programs and services. The organization’s emphasis on collecting and using data to meet students’ and families’ needs further strengthens its ability to drive positive changes in their community.

Read Enlace Chicago's Award Profile.

School Winners

Oakland International High School (Oakland, CA)

Oakland International High School is part of the International Network of Public Schools where 100% of their students are recently-arrived immigrants from 33 countries, who speak over 30 languages. Students at OIHS receive a range of academic, legal, health, and social emotional services designed specifically to support immigrant youth and families. In addition, OIHS values the lived experience of students. All staff members participate in a day of professional development called "Community Walks" in which students plan a series learning activities including visiting important institutions in their community (mosques, cultural centers, legal aid centers, refugee support organizations etc) in order to provide staff better insight into how to support immigrants from their country. 

Read Oakland International High School's Award Profile.

Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School (Nashville, TN)

Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School is a Metro Nashville Public School committed to removing learning barriers by serving the whole child and whole family through "Academic Press and Personalization." Pearl-Cohn has focused its efforts in the following areas: Restorative Practices, Social-Emotional Learning, and Trauma-Informed Care. As part of the Community Achieves initiative, Pearl-Cohn aligns their 36 community partnerships around four pillars: Family Engagement, College and Career Readiness, Health and Wellness, and Social Services. As a result, Pearl-Cohn has seen a 68% reduction in discipline infractions, has fewer than 1% student expulsions, a 5% decrease in chronic absences, and a 41% reduction in mobility rate. Improvements have helped the school go from the lowest performing high school in Metro Nashville Public Schools to a student growth level of 5, indicating more than two years of academic growth. 

Read Pearl-Cohn's Award Profile. 

P.S./M.S. 188 The Island School (New York, NY)

P.S./M.S. 188 The Island School is located on Manhattan's Lower East Side and serves 451 students, most of whom qualify for free or reduced-price lunch, and live in public housing or homeless shelters. P.S./M.S. 188 partners focus on trauma-informed practices and provide case management, legal services, employment services, and financial and nutrition classes. New York State Standardized English Language Arts/Math test results are meeting state standards scoring a Level 3 over a three-year period. In 2016 the NYC Department of Education recognized this achievement with a rating of excellent in both "Growth on Tests" and "Closing the Achievement Gap".

Read The Island School's Award Profile. 



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