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2010 National Forum Pre-Conference Institutes

Wednesday April 7, 2010, 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Community Schools 101: The "Nut's and Bolts" of Community Schools
Location: Franklin Hall 8/9/10
Join us for a "nuts and bolts" overview of the core concepts that define the community school strategy and explore the four Critical Capacities for Community Schools as articulated by the National Center for Community Schools: Comprehensiveness, Collaboration, Coherence, and Commitment. Presenters will discuss the activities related to each capacity, including the development of a needs assessment, program development, community engagement, coordination, advocacy, and strategic financing.

• Abe Fernández, Deputy Director, National Center for Community Schools at the Children’s Aid Society
• Sarah Jonas, Director of Regional Initiatives National Center for Community Schools at The Children's Aid Society

Guest speaker:
• Lisa R. Villarreal, Program Officer, Education, The San Francisco Foundation and Vice-Chair, Coalition for Community Schools

Presentation & Handouts:
Making Your Work Count: Results-Based Accountability in Community Schools
Location: Franklin 11/12
Session Description: Results Based Accountability (RBA) is a disciplined way of thinking and taking action. This interactive workshop will provide an overview of how Community Schools can use RBA to improve the lives of children, youth, families, and the community as a whole. The relationships between the Coalition for Community Schools results framework and RBA will be explored.

• Shital C. Shah, Research Associate, Coalition for Community Schools

• Karen Finn, Senior Consultant, Results Leadership Group, LLC
Presentation & Handouts:

The University-Assisted Community Schools Model
Location: Franklin Hall 5
University-community school partnerships are changing the way some schools operate. In the university-assisted community schools model, a strong partnership is developed between the school and a higher-education institution. Learn how some higher education institutions have developed their university-assisted community school model, adapted to local needs, and leveraged the strengths of their campuses.

• Cory Bowman, Netter Center, Associate Director, Netter Center for Community Partnerships and Penn Program for Public Service, School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania
• Dick Ferguson, Executive Director, Fitz Center for Leadership in Community, University of Dayton
• Pamela Pittman, Executive Director, Community Engagement Center-University of Oklahoma—Tulsa
• Robert Kronick, Professor, Educational Psychology and Counseling, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
• Francis Johnston, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and Distinguished Senior Fellow of the Netter Center for Community Partnerships, University of Pennsylvania
• Reva Curry, Interim Executive Director of Community Partnerships, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

Financing Community Schools: Tapping into Title I and Other Funding Streams
Location: Franklin: 6/7
Financing a community school is not just about dollars and cents. It’s about the combined power of community partnerships, relationships, and visionary leadership to leverage, align, and coordinate new and existing resources. Join us in this session for insight and practical guidance from three leading community school systems. Learn how they started up, what challenges were overcome, and what innovative solutions fuel and sustain their initiatives.

• Sarah S. Pearson, Deputy Director, Coalition for Community Schools
• Cathlin Gray, Associate Superintendent for Family, School, and Community Partnerships, Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation
• Darlene Kamine, Consultant, Cincinnati Public Schools
• Richard Long, Executive Director of Government Relations, National Title I Association
• Diana Hall, Program Supervisor, SUN Service System, Multnomah County, OR
• Lee Ann Kwiatkowski, Director of Differentiated Learning, Indiana State Department of Education
Presentation & Handouts:  
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