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2010 National Forum - Community Schools in Action

Community Schools in Action Sessions & Materials

From Vision to Fruition: Leadership and Community Schools in the 21st Century
The community school belief runs deep in Rio School District. Join members of the Rio School District Community Schools Leadership Team to learn about their innovative and systematic approach to community school development in Oxnard, California.

  • Sherianne Cotterell and Veronica Rauschenberger, Rio School District, Oxnard, CA
  • Tim Blaylock, Boys and Girls Club of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme and Rio School District, CA
  • Amy Mills, Neighborhood for Learning Program
  • Carolyn Bernal, Rio School District, Oxnard, CA
Presentation & Handouts:
Roadmap for Change: A Guide to Community School Transformation
Explore the community school transformation process from "soup to nuts" including practical strategies and tools that you can use to start or continue community school development in your own community.

  • Greg Hall, The Federation for Community Schools, Chicago, IL

Presentation & Handouts:

Whole School, Whole Child: An Innovative School and National Service Partnership
Learn about the results of the "high impact" partnership between schools serving low income neighborhoods and City Year, an innovative national service organization that prepares students in the elementary and middle school years for high school completion. The program addresses the "whole child" through student engagement, academics, and social development.

  • Sean Shirley-Davidson, Neighborhood House Charter School, Dorchester, MA
  • Stephanie Wu, City Year, Boston, MA
  • Wyneisha Foxworth, City Year, Philadelphia, PA

Presentation handout:
Learning Across the Community: Using Shared Outcomes Among Partners to Revitalize "Canada’s Worst Neighborhood"
The Learning Across the Community model guides student learning through community revitalization focused project-based learning, service-learning, and apprenticeships with partner agencies. Learn how this model is revitalizing what has been described as "Canada’s Worst Neighborhood."

  • Rod Allen and Dave Hutchinson, Regina Public Schools, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Allen Lefebvre, North Central Shared Facility, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Presentation & Handouts:
Cross-Institutional Collaboration: Create a Community of Community Schools in Chicago
Discuss how collaboration between the School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago, the Chicago Public Schools Initiative, and community-rooted organizations effectively leveraged resources to create the Woodlawn Community of Community schools. Learn how this partnership builds the organizational capacity of nine schools with the goal of sharing and mobilizing assets, sharing best practices, and addressing human capital challenges to help students succeed.

  • Adeline O. Ray, Chicago Public Schools, IL
  • April A. Porter, Social Service Administration, University of Chicago, IL

Presentation & Handouts:

Community Schools in the Netherlands: Building New Opportunities
The development of community schools in The Netherlands is booming. There are two main trends in this process: an integrated child center and a network community. This growth has many implications for the content and the organization of our work. This session emphasizes how to teach new professionals and discusses the research on community schools.

  • Tonny van den Berg, Dutch Institute for Community Schools, The Netherlands

The Brothers and Sisters Project: Innovative Partnerships That Meet Community Needs
The Brothers and Sisters Project is a collaboration between four agencies that train teens on providing safe, educational childcare for their young siblings. It empowers students through career exploration and community leadership opportunities. Explore the development and implementation of the partnerships that sustain the Project.

  • Laurie Bohm, Community Schools Collaboration, SeaTac, WA
  • Angelica Cardenas, Child Care Resources, Seattle, WA
  • Youssouf Diallo, Tyee Educational Complex, SeaTac, WA
Presentation & Handouts:

Empowering Creative Collaboration: Successful Strategies of the San Fernando Neighborhood Partnership
Focus on the process of building a community schools collaborative that is developing proactive strategies to encourage student academic achievement. A school coordinator, an academic supports provider, and a student will describe the implementation steps of this large scale project and outline how collaborations that mobilize a spectrum of resources can organically solve problems at the school and ultimately see students thrive.

  • Stephanie Marron, Los Angeles Education Partnership, Los Angeles, CA
  • Gabriela Ramos and Elizabeth Cerda, San Fernando High School, San Fernando, CA

Presentation & Handouts:
The Community School Approach from a Lead Agency Administrators’ Perspective
Join experienced community schools leaders to learn about the nuts and bolts, and challenges and opportunities of building lasting community-school partnerships. Discover the importance of building relationships at every level, including program and service integration, and gain tips on ensuring lasting support for the community school director.

  • Richard Negrón, The Children’s Aid Society National Center for Community Schools, New York, NY
  • Hersilia Mendez, The Children’s Aid Society National Center for Community Schools, New York, NY
  • Myrna Torres, The Children’s Aid Society National Center for Community Schools, New York, NY

Presentation & Handouts:
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