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2006 National CS Awards for Excellence Winners

The Inagural 2006 Community Schools National Awards for Excellence Winners

The Coalition for Community Schools is pleased to announce the winners of its annual awards program: Community Schools National Award for Excellence. This inaugural award is given to three schools and three communities -- Stevenson Elementary School in Long Beach, CA; George Washington High School in Indianapolis, IN; and George Middle School, in Multnomah County, OR and Bedford, MI; Chicago, IL and Lincoln, NE. This award highlights the work of local schools and communities and their efforts to build and expand effective community schools.

The awards were given based on the extent to which the community school or initiative has developed purposeful partnerships with other organizations that are well-integrated in the life of the school, the extent to which families and community residents are extensively involved in the community school, the extent to which school personnel are connected to community partners and to the community, and the extent to which community-based learning approaches are being used. In addition, schools receiving this award have demonstrated that the community school or the initiative is moving toward results that it has set for itself and has unique features and programs that others can learn from.

Awards were given at the Coalition for Community Schools’ National Forum in Baltimore, June 14-16, 2006. View the program book here.

Initiative Award Winners

Bedford Community Education Initiative, Temperance, MI
Bedford Public Schools holds the belief that their schools belong to the community. The community is strong because of the partnerships that exist between the schools, the parents, the business community, township government, social and civic organizations, county and state organizations and all of the citizens of the community. All of these constituents work together for the good of the community. Read their profile here.
Chicago Public School Community School Initiative, Chicago, IL
The goal of the initiative is to enable schools to bring together the academic and social supports needed to ensure that all students succeed. The programs are designed to support the school’s academic mission and expand the services offered within the community.
Read their profile here.
Lincoln Community Learning Centers Initiative, Lincoln, NE
Lincoln’s Community Learning Centers (CLC) initiative strives to be a bridge that reconnects neighborhoods with schools and provides opportunities for parents and other neighborhood residents to become more effective partners in the education of all children and youth in the neighborhood.  Read their profile here.
School Award Winners
George SUN Community School, Portland, OR
George SUN Community School builds students' confidence and promotes academic success through strong and lasting partnerships between the school, families, the school district, the county and community agencies. Before George was a community school, its students faced obstacles that some found insurmountable. Today, students have been given another option--a different place to go. The school's climate has changed and evolved into a caring community for students. Read their profile here.
George Washington Community School, Indianapolis, IN
George Washington Community School is a proud learning community whose mission is to remove barriers to student academic success by engaging community partners. Nearly six years after reopening as a community school, standardized test scores have risen by an annual average of 10 to 15 percentage points and sophomores, tested for the first time in 2003, outscored all of the district’s traditional high schools. According to District Board Commissioner Clark Campbell, "student success at Washington is nothing short of a miracle, directly reflecting its intensive community-driven spirit." Read their profile here.
Stevenson-YMCA Community School, Long Beach, CA
Stevenson provides high quality and integrated out-of-school programming for children and families and works to develop grass-roots community leaders with the skills to reduce barriers to positive child, family, and school functioning. The school and the community thrive on a mutually beneficial relationship. When the school needs something, the community responds. But perhaps just as importantly, the community sees the school as a resource. Read their profile here.
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